About her:
Name: Adriana Deville
Body type: Athletic
Pussy hair: Bald/shaven
Hair color: Brunette
Tit type: Enhanced
Pussy type: Innie
Ass: Medium Ass
Tit size: Medium Tits
Ethnicity: White


Adriana Deville A.K.A Nadia is a tanned toned beauty with a slender body, that features a beautifully sculpted ass that is plentiful, and thick but definitely not flabby. She has nice firm legs, nice firm thighs, physically she is just a nice girl to look at. Adrianna has a tattoo right above her ass crack, and one right above her right ankle, and a navel piercing to complete the body art. She has perky bite size tits with the cutest pointy nipples. A gorgeous pair of pussy lips is the highlight of her lower body, well perhaps not the highlight, her ass is pretty awesome. Speaking of ass, Adrianna’s ass looks great when she is riding cock. Incredibly photogenic, Adrianna Deville has a beautiful exotic face that houses an amazing smile.